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We do web applications, mobile applications, UIX design, technological advice and more. Much more.

In fact, more is so much more that we should have a conversation about it. There's coffee and cookies here. Welcome!

About Us

Forged in the fires of the mount Erebos, two keyboards of evil where spread over the realms of time and space.

For a long time, this keyboards where lost, buried deep inside the nightmares of whom where there once to behold their power.

Until now...

José Tomás "#" Guzmán

The one who found the keyboards and brought them to this realm for the first time.

He masters complex witchcrafts like Objective-C and can perform successful money making rituals with the help of powers yet unknown.

Don't take him for a simple wizard.

You can summon him at

Santiago "Momo" Marín

Joined the path of the keyboards a short time after José Tomás found them.

His knowledge of UIX design and dark languages like PHP, JavaScript and Java makes him a wizard to be aware of.

It's easy to confuse him for a regular man.

To invoke him refer to

Contact Us

Feel free to inquire us about anything, but be warned, once you've reached our dominions, there's no tunring back.

But you get coffee and cookies.

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Monjitas 392, of. 604
Santiago - Chile